Hidden home cinemas are creating a bit of a buzz in the home AV world and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only do they help maintain the aesthetics of your existing decor, but they also minimise clutter and bring a creative edge to your living space. It’s an amazing approach and one that grants you the opportunity to deliver a fantastic home cinema no matter how old or unusual the existing architecture is.

Hidden Home Cinemas

You may be wondering exactly what a hidden home cinema consists of, so let’s take a look.

Concealed Drop Down Screens

A flat screen television can look a little cumbersome and dull when not in use. However, with the advent of concealed drop down screens there’s no need for a large, blank screen to be the centrepiece of your room. As long as you have the required ceiling depth and width, it’s now possible to install motorised screens which drop down into your living space. It’s a modern twist on the age old tradition of the curtains pulling back in the cinema and helps turn your home cinema experience into an event.

Drop Down Concealed Projectors

Standard projectors have been available for a couple of decades now, but they can be clunky and unattractive pieces of equipment. Thankfully, these static eyesores are now a thing of the past thanks to the advent of drop down concealed projectors. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms, this redesign of the projector allows you to transform any living space into a fully functional home cinema. Consisting of a projector lift and a motorised screen, concealed projectors are available in an array of designs that should grant any home the chance to remodel itself as a state of the art cinema.

In Wall Speakers

There is sometimes a perception that a bigger speakers provide a better and more enveloping audio experience. With the advent of invisible, in wall speakers, however, that’s a theory which is rapidly beginning to sound old fashioned. Audio, of course, is a purely aural experience, so it makes sense to develop invisible speakers without any visual frills. Traditionally, this has proved difficult due to the cone-shape involved in speaker design, but a revolution in flat panel speakers has changed the landscape. This innovative design, which produces sound through the generation of small vibrations, allows flat speakers to be built into existing walls. Amina are one of the leading brands of plaster-over speakers. For further information on their invisible speakers visit uk.aminasound.com

It’s Time to Start Building Your Hidden Home Cinema

We live in a modern world where there is already enough clutter and stress to occupy our minds, so it’s always a bonus if we can reduce this. And, thanks to advances in technology, we can now call upon a range of innovative new designs to make the most out of our living space and deliver high quality entertainment. With technology that is both creative and capable of delivering amazing results, a hidden home cinema system is the perfect entertainment solution for virtually any living space.

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