Over the past few years, the entry level price for home cinema systems has fallen significantly, making them far more affordable and increasingly popular. But how much does a home cinema really cost in 2018? In this article we’ll look to address this question.

Home Cinema Cost – what are the options?

Clearly, the final cost of a home cinema installation will depend on a number of factors including, screen type, audio system and integration with other systems (such as lighting). But you can approximate the cost by looking at an average spec for a basic, mid-range and high-end system as follows:

  • Basic Package – £10,000

Typical Spec: Large 75″ TV, 7-channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver, 2 pairs of ceiling speakers, 5 in-wall speakers, floor-standing subwoofer, Control4 automation system.

At the entry level, you can reduce the cost by using a standard TV, rather than a screen and projector. This is particularly suited to smaller rooms where you might not have much space. It also includes Dolby surround sound and a floor-standing subwoofer. Integration to other systems is possible through the Control4 controller.

  • Mid-range – £20,000

Typical Spec: 190″ Projection Screen, 4K Projector, 9-channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver, 2 pairs of ceiling speakers, 5 in-wall speakers, 2 in-wall subwoofers, Control4 automation system, small AV rack.

At a slightly higher price point, you can start to think about mid-range projection screens and projectors. You can also upgrade from floor-standing subwoofers to in-wall speakers, giving an enhanced surround sound experience.

  • High Spec – £25,000 to £60,000

Typical Spec: 250″ Projection Screen, 4K Projector, 11-channel Dolby Atmos AV processor and amplifiers, 4 pairs of ceiling speakers, 7 in-wall speakers, 4 in-wall subwoofers, Control4 automation system, small AV rack, LED lighting controls, acoustic room treatments.

There are lots of options available at the top end of the spectrum depending on the space available and the size of your budget. You can start to think about room acoustics, larger 4k screens, and true Dolby Atmos 11-channel (or even higher!) speaker systems. This, coupled with the 4 in-wall subwoofers starts to get you closer to the true cinema experience.

Tailoring the home cinema package to match your needs

These packages are meant to be indicative only and are by no means fixed. They can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. That being said, regardless of your budget there are some limitations to what you can do depending on the amount of space you have available. It always makes sense to start by looking at the room size and dimensions and design something that compliments the space.

At Limelight our engineers have experience working with every level of home cinema setup. We work with our clients to understand their needs and desires and then recommend a system that will make the best use of their budget. We know which areas you can afford to shave off cost without compromising on quality, and equally where you’re better off paying a little extra. This ensures that our clients always get the highest quality systems, at the most efficient prices.

We also look at ways to future proof the systems, giving you options to upgrade should you decide to do so at a later date.

If you’re thinking about installing a home cinema system and would like some guidance on the best options, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 0844 870 4807  or completing our online contact form.