The home cinema market has grown rapidly over the past few years, and a number of new vendors have entered the space offering lower cost alternatives to the established brands. However, these manufacturers often lack the quality of the major brands, and if you’re willing to invest that little bit extra in one of the leading brands then you’ll reap the rewards of a true cinema experience.

Who Are the Leading Home Cinema Brands?

If you want to spend wisely and build a high quality home cinema then you need to invest in the following leading home cinema brands:

  • Sony: A giant in the electronics world, Sony has been manufacturing consumer electronics for over 70 years. Accordingly, they’ve mastered the art of home cinema and consistently produce high-end, innovative products. An example of this innovation can be seen in their magnetic fluid speakers which provide amazing sound with around 35% less energy consumption.
  • Triad: A US based manufacturer, Triad concentrate their focus on the loudspeaker niche and aim to deliver high-end architectural loudspeakers that stand out. Designed and manufactured to exceptionally high specifications, Triad’s speakers are only sold through selected installation dealers to ensure that your home cinema is carefully calibrated to generate world class sound.
  • JVC: Another major player in consumer electronics, JVC have concentrated heavily on the world of home cinema and the payoff is high quality equipment. Specialising in all-in-one home cinema packages, JVC’s innovative flair has led to the creation of market leading projectors, surround sound speakers and Blu-ray players that replicate an authentic cinema style experience.
  • Artcoustic: Designing innovative and unique home cinema audio solutions since 1998, Artcoustic may be relatively new to the world of home cinema, but their quality shines through. Combining sleek, modern aesthetics with an almost unrivalled sound quality, Artcoustic speakers persistently push the boundaries of home cinema performance. Artcoustic are dedicated to providing the best home cinema solution possible for their customers and also undertake bespoke installs to deliver an unparalleled experience.

What Are the Drawbacks of Cheaper Brands?

While cheaper brands will deliver some level of cinema experience, they also come with a number of drawbacks such as:

  • Lack of Quality: If you’re paying less then you’re going to notice a drop-off in terms of performance, so expect visuals which aren’t as sharp as they could be and audio quality which fails to replicate the crisp sound of the big screen.
  • Less Features: Budget home cinema packages tend to contain little more than the basics, so if you’re looking for cutting edge features to improve your viewing experience you’re going to be disappointed.
  • Less Reliable: Cheaper brands tend to use cheaper components to manufacture their home cinema equipment and these are more prone to failure, so the chances of having to replace your equipment early is a real possibility.

 When it comes to a home cinema solution then it’s crucial that you invest in one of the leading brands. Combining high quality equipment that matches your exact needs allows you to accurately replicate the experience of the big screen.

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