Project Description


Basement home cinema in West Hampstead London.

This client in West Hampstead in London wanted to turn their basement in to a simple-to-use high quality home cinema and games room.  We advised the client on which technologies would work best to achieve the multi-function purpose. For example, the fixed projection screen needed to perform brilliantly in this white room with reflective walls and floors.

We supplied a Screen Innovations Black Diamond 108″ fixed projection screen. This works well because Black Diamond technology rejects ambient light reflected from all those white surfaces. This resulted in a crisp, brighter image than you would get from a conventional projection system. We were also able to supply to the client a JVC 4K projector with 5.1 in-wall speakers from Sonance with Yamaha providing the amplification and switching of the Sky HD, Apple TV and Sony PS4. Plus a simple Control4 system was utilised to allow full control over each device from either wireless remote control or the clients iPad.

Our dedicated team of in-house home cinema specialists installed the technology to a very high standard paying attention to the clients requirements and details.

Basement Home Cinemas London

We could not recommend Limelight highly enough. They are great guys and their advice has been impeccable. We would recommend them to anyone thinking of installing a home entertainment system.

West Hampstead Client